Alan Petrashek

Severe Knee Pain

Sharp, stabbing knee pain was taking a large toll on Alan’s lifestyle. He couldn’t fall asleep at night and stopped doing the activities he used to enjoy. For nearly two to three years, Alan decided to ignore that severe pain, hoping that it would go away on its own.

His pain became so bad that Alan was spending most of his time sitting, trying to alleviate the pain. On top of that, he spent most nights trying to find a comfortable position in his living room because laying in bed was too painful.

At the time when Alan decided to visit Integrated Pain Solutions, he was experiencing that chronic pain 24/7 with no relief. Even the pressure from stepping his foot on the ground caused unbearable, searing pain up and down his leg. During a high intensity laser treatment, Alan could pinpoint the area that was causing him pain to target with the laser. Through that targeted care, Alan found that his pain started dissipating visit after visit, even weeks after his appointment.

With this dramatic decrease in pain, Alan is able to go out for a walk with his dogs and sleep in his bed through the night. “I’m enjoying life just 100% better!”