AARON JONES, Running Back

Each week you get beat up in the NFL, so I was kind of injured when I came in. I was coming off of an injury as well. Integrated Pain Solutions made sure that I never had another hamstring problem — I was able to go right out there and play. Same thing, though, when my shoulder came in last week. I was hurting. I didn’t know if I was going to get to play. After he worked on me, I saw him two times and he told me I was ready to go and I had a good game. He got me right. I told Doc I was going to start calling him Dr. Get Right.

I come in even when I’m not injured. Dr. Jackson and Dr. Curt, they come in, they adjust my body, they shockwave any kind of pain I’m having. They just adjust me, get my body right, get it all aligned so when I’m out there on the field I have the leverage, my feet are in the ground, I can plant and go whichever way I want, and I’m fresh.

Shockwave and laser, they both work great to help me recover and get my body back right. I come in after a game — stiff, sore, can’t really move my muscles, a lot of scar tissue — and Doc gets on the shockwave and pretty much goes to that area, and by the end of it I can move. The pain’s gone. They both help me recover tremendously.

Here at Integrated Pain Solutions, it’s different from any other chiropractor I’ve been to. They look at everything from your big toe to your fingers, your neck, everything. Most other chiropractors I’ve been to just look at your back, maybe your neck. So, here they get everything from your hamstring, calves, ankles, knees — anything you can think of. This is the place I love to come to because I need it total body, and it’s the perfect place for me.

All the doctors, they’re great. You would’ve thought I’ve been here a hundred times the way they welcome me with open arms. It’s like family around here. I enjoy coming in, every time I come in, seeing everybody smiling, everybody’s greeting me, and just happy to see everybody. You’re excited to come to a place like that. You know your body’s going to feel better, and people are excited to see you and you’re excited to see other people.

Integrated Pain Solutions isn’t just for athletes. Anybody can come here. If you’re in pain, there’s no reason to be in pain because there’s a solution — and it’s here at Integrated Pain Solutions. So, if you’re sitting at home, back’s hurting, neck’s hurting, been in a car accident, anything, this is the place for you to come and recover your body. The doctors know what they’re doing. Thank you for helping me better my career and get to be where I want to be. I can’t thank you guys enough.