Healing Pain Relief

Do you recall the last time you were able to sleep through the night? Stand up straight? Walk up a flight of stairs? Kneel to the ground? Walk without a limp?

Do you remember what it was like to make decisions in your life that didn’t revolve around your pain?

Are you tired of doctors who simply hand you another bottle of pills?

Integrated Pain Solutions is changing lives.

Our chronic pain doctors and breakthrough therapies are winning the fight against chronic pain.  We’re winning because we’re different.  First, we identify the root cause of your pain. Then we utilize High Intensity Laser Therapy, co-developed by our own Dr. Curt Draeger, to deliver healing light energy to the body’s interconnected systems of muscles, bones, nerves, ligaments, and joints. It is only by addressing the source of the pain that you are able to experience lasting relief.

These techniques, once reserved exclusively for pro athletes, are now available to anyone suffering from chronic pain. Integrated Pain Solutions’ therapies are:

Drug Free

Non Surgical

FDA Cleared

Trusted by Olympians and professional athletes

Give yourself the opportunity to feel the lasting chronic pain relief that so many others told you wasn’t possible.

Free Chronic Pain Seminars

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